I Still Love Them

After more periods of overtime in one playoffs than any person should watch, the season has ended for my boys.

It might be carryover effect from the cursed chocolate bar. It might be that Dave K went to watch the game at Mike O & Liz W’s, even though I specifically told him that that would jinx us. But whatever the reason, my boys are hanging up the skates for this season. Don’t worry, we’ll come back next year, bigger and faster and stronger than ever! And I still love you.

I love you, Bobby Lou, who is going to win the Hart trophy. MVP!! MVP!! MVP!!

I love you Alex Burrows, scoring our only goal tonight. And I love you too, Dany Saborin, who stepped into the most stressful situation a player could ever imagine and withstood the pressure while Lou raced to fix his equipment.

I love Taylor Pyatt, of course. I always have. Your hussle out there was much appreciated by this fan!

I love you Sedin twins, and Jeff Cowan (the long, lost Sedin triplet who missed the last few games with an injury – we missed you out there!).

Trevor Linden, the consummate Canuck, I love you and hope you come back next year! You’ve got a few good years left in ya, I swear! Naslund, a lot of people were doubting you, but you stepped it and I love you! I love you Mo and Smolinski and Greene and Bulis and Bieksa and Ohlund and Sopes and Salo and Mitchell and Cooke. And Rory, I voted for you, because I love you.

We’ll get them next year boys. In the meantime, I will have all of your babies.

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  • The fact that you love hockey so much means that I don’t have to.

    Sorry to hear about your loss.

    One day you will come to understand that it’s really not a game so much as it is a cartel created to make craploads of money.

    A group of elderly men and kindergarteners get together at the beginning of the season and roll dice to lay out the game results for the season.


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