Half Marathony Goodness

In eight hours, I will be standing in a sea of 15,000* people, nervously awaiting the start of the biggest run, by far, I have ever done in my life! My bib with my race number is pinned on my new lululemon** triathlon*** shirt, my timing chip is firmly attached to my shoe and we have three different alarms set to ensure that we wake up in plenty of time to get downtown for the 7 am start. I’ve done my carb-loading (i.e., bellini last night, cinnamon buns today) and Kelly and I made a super delish dinner wherein I got to try brown rice spinach pasta and she got to try Yves veggie ground round. We also had some wicked delicious Indian spice tea that Kelly had brought with her (complete with warmed soy milk) and topped the evening off with garlic hummus & corn chips. I also treated Kelly to not one, but two walks to the grocery store this evening. First to get produce for dinner and second because Dani informed me that the grocery store had the “specially marked boxes” of Vector cereal where you get a coupon for a free Saucony technical shirt. So while I believe that $7 for small box of cereal is highway robbery, since I get a free $40 shirt, it makes up for it.

Wow, I can’t believe this entire post is about food. You’d think I was hungry or something.

*I have this vague recollection from last year of hearing that there are about 15,000 people who run in the Vancouver International Marathon. I can’t find this anywhere on their site, however, so I could be totally wrong.

**I bought it at the outlet store, so it wasn’t *that* expensive!

***Yes, I realize that I’m not running a triathlon. But it has pockets in the back to hold my PowerGels. I *totally* need to keep my PowerGels somewhere, right?

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