Much Overdo Blogroll Update

So, I updated my blogroll for the first time in a million years. Ever since I started using Google Reader, I don’t use my blogroll. However, I decided that I really should be giving the peeps I read some link love, so added in a bunch o’ blogs to my friendly neighbourhood sidebar.

One blog in particular that I’m very excited about reading* is my cousin, Lori’s, and her husband, Eugene’s, new trip blog. They are adopting a baby from China and have decided to start a blog to chronicle their trip to go there to pick her up. I think it will interesting to read about how things go!

*This is not to say that I’m not excited about reading all of your blogs! Because I am!

2 Replies to “Much Overdo Blogroll Update”

  1. I noticed the update! I was like “Who the F is Imogen?” I have been compulsively checking ever since. Should I leave a congratulatory comment, explaining that a) I am your friend who met Lori years ago and b) how excited I am for them?

    P.S. My security word is pvaan. Yeah Van!

  2. omg, yes, of course! I’m sure Lori totally remembers you and I’m sure she’d be happy to get a comment from you!

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