Women’s Ice Hockey in Vancouver?

Does anyone know of a women’s recreational ice hockey league in Vancouver?

You may remember that, back in the day, I used to play hockey on a rec team at UBC. I haven’t been able to play this year because (a) I’m not a student anymore, but more importantly (b) they tore down the rink. And since I had zero money for so long, I didn’t even think of trying to find a new team to play on this past season. Hockey, after all, is not a cheap sport in which to partake. But since I have this new fandangled thing called a job where they (much to my surprise) keep putting money in my bank account EVERY TWO WEEKS (!!), I figure I can afford to get back to the sport I love. Unfortunately, I have been having no luck finding a league in Vancouver. The whole thing is complicated by the fact that I have no car, and so would need to find a league that I could get to by bus*. But Google has not been of any assistance in that regard. Boo Google!! So I figured I should start asking around. Good people of the internets… little help?

*well, I suppose I could car pool with someone if I found someone who lives near me and has a car. But that seems to me to be something that would be even harder than finding a league!

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  • It is great to find a sport to play, even as we get older. I’ve been playing a couple of softball games a week, and I love it!! I’m not half-bad, either. 😉


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