Things That Bite

I’ve always thought that sharks were super cool. Today I saw a news story that made me like them even more.

This got me thinking about how, generally speaking, I like things that bite.

Sharks. Snakes. Vampires. Zombies.

But interestingly, not spiders. Especially not the black widows that live in my shed. Ick. I saw one the other day, sitting above the door to the shed when I went to put Danielle’s bike, which I had borrowed, back in the shed. Needless to say, I have a little meltdown and Dani put the bike away for me.

And now, for no particular reason – an alphabetized list.

Movies I Like That Feature Things That Bite:

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  • Sometimes I’m glad that I am a stupid-head, because it makes it easier to believe movies with silly plot devices.


  • I don’t remember things biting in The Serpent and the Rainbow, but I do remember that someone drives a stake through Bill Pullman’s ballsackio.

    That’s pretty much where I stopped watching that movie.


  • Isn’t The Serpent and the Rainbow about zombies? Don’t zombies always bite? Or wait, they were voodoo-induced zombies, not bite-induced zombies weren’t they? Damn, I need to watch that movie again…


  • I saw 28 weeks later a few days ago and it was terrifying. Zombies are my greatest fear, and I had a hard time watching the movie… Especially during the especially gory parts ha ha.


  • fyi, dbs, the black widows in the shed are properly known as the “western black widows” (Latrodectus hesperus), not to be confused with their their northern or southern cousins. it is considered the most venomous spider in north america. fortunately, there is an emergency “i was just bitten by a western black widow” hotline: 800-222-1222. unfortunately, they only accept calls from within the u.s., so canadians are pretty much fucked.


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