Welcome Me to the 21st Century

Guess who is *finally* getting a cell phone?

And not even just a cell phone. I’m getting a Palm Treo 700p Smartphone. My current Palm Pilot is totally on the fritz (for example, it won’t recognize the correct date – for some reason it seems to think that every day is May 8… which makes it rather useless for alerting me to when things are happening), so I decided that rather than getting a new Palm and a cell phone, I’d get one gadget for both purposes. I was able to get a really good deal on it by signing up for a 3-year plan… and since my plan is to stick around Vancouver, I figure that that’s OK.

I was able to get a sweet, sweet deal on my cell phone plan by virtue of where I work. Interestingly, though, I didn’t have to prove that I work where I said I worked – I just said, “I work for X and I want to get on the corporate plan” and it was done. I recommend that anyone looking for a new cell phone provider should find out which employer has the best corporate plan and then just claim to work there.

With the aforementioned sweet, sweet cell phone plan, I’m actually going to be paying less than the cost of a landline. When Dani and I were splitting the cost of the landline, it was fine, but now that I’m paying the whole thing on my own, it’s cheaper for me to have the cell phone*. Which also has voicemail, so when you call me you won’t get my antiquated answering machine with the weird voice than neither Dani nor I knew how to program.

So, to everyone who has lamented my lack of cell phonery (whether those of you who have tried, repeatedly, to text my landline and those of you who have stressed over trying to meet up with me somewhere since not only was I phoneless, but all the payphones in the city have disappeared so I couldn’t even call you on your cell phone) – rejoice!

*I’ll be using Skype for long distance. Which reminds me – everyone who is not in my local calling area – get Skype already!

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