I <3 the Giants!

A (belated) shout out to the Vancouver Giants, Memorial Cup Champions 2007!

Let us savour the sweet, sweet victory over the Medicine Hat Tigers. From Medicine Hat, Alberta. And you know how I feel about Alberta.

This season was the first one where I really took much interest in the Giants. Remember the time I went to a Giants game and got to see 5 simultaneous fights? Or the time I went to the game and saw them play a team that was named after me? Or the time that the Seattle Thunderbirds backup goalie smiled at me*? Yes, we certainly had some good times this season. Congrats boys! I’m looking forward to cheering you on again next season!

*upon searching my blog for a link to this, I discovered that I did not, in fact, blog about the time that the Seattle Thunderbirds’s backup goalied smiled at me. But rest assured, it is true. He had a mohawk and, I believe he is 20 years old. Which substantiates my claim that
this team was named after me.

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