The 13th Step and My Still Unactivated Cell Phone

So, I had a big fit at the cell phone company today. I tried to activate my phone and they informed me that I can’t have my good deal on the Treo I bought unless I get a dataplan along with the cell phone plan. Which is funny, because I bought the Treo for the sale price and was not sold a dataplan. And the guy on the phone was like “Well, you can just buy out the phone at the regular price.” And I was like “no way in hell! I only got this because the sale price was so good!” And he was like “we have to recover the cost of how much you saved by making you have the dataplan.” “So why did you guys sell me the Treo with only a cell phone plan if I’m not allowed to have it? And why should I pay for your mistake?” This conversation went around circles for a while and so I finally demanded to talk to a manager. Who will apparently call me back within 24 hours. Apparently this is a technique they use that is supposed to be a “cooling off” period so that I don’t talk to a manager while I’m in the middle of a freak out. Little do they know that making me wait a whole day is only making me more and more pissed off! Hell hath no fury like a Beth who thought she had a cell phone and then didn’t. Gah!

In happier news, we had a softball game today! It’s fun to play a team sport where people are not too super competitive, where they are more interested in having fun and supporting each other than in winning. We cheer for each other even when we get thrown out at first, or drop a ball or whatever. It’s just for fun. Another case in point – we walked off the field with only two outs, because we totally thought we had three. The other team let us get away with it, they just laughed it off. Granted, they were slaughtering us at the time, so it really didn’t matter.

Also, a few quotations from today’s game:

  • “Being drunk is a kind of winning.”
  • “We lost 20-3.” “Oh, we’re improving!”

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  • Bethie, I have to admire your ability to go from STEAMING to “oh, and we played softball!” Very big of you.

    I’d just stay angry with everyone… Maybe something about older and more mature? *sigh*

    Being drunk IS a kind of winning! 🙂


  • You should just give the phone back, tell them to shove it up their ass, and go with someone else. Don’t let them walk over you.


  • Duane – oh ya, no way in hell was I going to put up with that crap! I’m going to blog the end of this saga now!


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