The 13th Step and My New, Unactivated Cell Phone

I joined a softball team. It’s mostly people from Shalu’s fiance’s work – he’s a computer guy, so most of the team are also computer guys. Being a team of computer guys, they had some difficulty finding girls at their work to join the team – thus, Shalu and I were recruited. We were told that the team was called “The 13th Step,” we had me totally befuddled when I read it the email… on the way to our first practice tonight, Shalu and I were discussing what this could possibly mean – we were sure that it had to be some computer term with which we aren’t familiar. When we remembered, part way through practice, to ask about it, it turns out we couldn’t have been further from the truth…. apparently, the “13th Step” is a reference to 12-Step Programs… where the 13th step is relapse. Which I suppose is appropriate for a beer league!

When I got home from practice, my Treo was here waiting for me! Unfortunately, my service provider figures that no one ever needs to activate a phone after 9 pm at night, so I can’t get service until 10 am tomorrow when their phone answering people get back to work! They also figured that I didn’t need a working CD to install the Palm OS to my laptop. They sent me a CD alright, just not one that can be recognized by a computer. And you can’t download the most recently version of Palm OS from their website either – they only have an old version. Boo!! I have my new toy and I don’t get to play with it!

Anyhoo, I will activate my phone tomorrow and I will send out my new phone number to those people who I deem worthy of having my phone number. And the first person to call me on my cell phone and say “13th Step rocks!” will win BTNaNN points. You know you want it to be you!

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