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Hump at the Pump – This Time It’s a Threesome

As promised, here’s the link to the latest Hump at the Pump – This Time It’s a Threesome.

Now, I feel obliged to warn you that (a) this is probably NSFW, and (b) more importantly, it is really not worth watching. Let’s just say that the guy involved in this has a face (and a body) for radio. If you must, I suggest listening to the audio but do not – I repeat DO NOT – watch the video! You’ve been warned.


Addicted to Blogging

I think this badge speaks for itself:

Go here if you want to find out how addicted to blogging you are.

Props to Daily Blog Tips, where I first saw this. Is it a bad sign that I’m more addicted to blogging than the guy who writes Daily Blog Tips?