Dear Every Other Driver on Highway 1 in the Pouring Rain Last Night,

That space between me and the car in front of me is there for a reason. And the reason is not that you can zoom into said space at a high rate of speed and then slam on your brakes because, lo and behold, there is a car in front, you asshat.


Someone Who Actually Knows How Drive a Car

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  • Oooooh! Hate that. ;(

    Learn where the horn is on all the cars you drive and practice it early and often.

    The roads are where most of my pet peeves are. (And there are many so don’t get me started unless you want to learn how I would rule the world if I was in charge.)

    On a similar note, my sister is convinced cars no longer come with turn signals.



  • Oh my gosh… I don’t even DRIVE and I hate drivers like that. I’m glad you’re a good driver. Not that I can remember you ever driving me somewhere but I’m sure you are.


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