Sure, I could be working on, say, planning the course that I’m teaching in January, about which I know very little thus far1. Or, say, developing the activities for the class of grade 3-5 students that I’m working with in January. Or even, say, doing my Christmas shopping. Or hell, I could be getting ready to go out for my pre-12 Bars brunch, followed directly by the 12 Bars itself.

But no. I’m playing this. Repeatedly. If I could last for at least 5 seconds in this game, I think I’d be satisfied. But I have yet to last longer than 4.8 seconds. Bah!

Update: The problem was I was trying to use my touchpad mouse thingy on my laptop. This does not work. Playing with a real mouse: 16.3 seconds!

1Yup, it’s true. Your university instructors have to teach themselves the material before they teach it to you. Only I get paid to do it, and then you pay for the honour of learning from me that which I taught to myself. Seriously.

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  • Beth, I have so much to do…I should have NEVER logged on to your blog today…11.4 seconds…with mouse…wow, you did very well without the mouse.


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