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The Tumblbeasts Are Mine!

I freaking love The Oatmeal. It’s one of the first things I read in my Google Reader when I see there’s a new posting1. So when I saw on The Oatmeal’s recent posting saying that I could use The Oatmeal’s adorable Tumblbeasts on my very own blog I, of course, jumped at the chance! First up: my new 404 error page.

I expect I’ll find many more ways to use the Tumblbeasts in coming days.


  1. Along with xkcd, Savage Chickens, and Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal []


My New Favourite Podcast

I’ve recently become addicted to a new podcast called The S&M Rants. Get your mind out of the gutter! S&M stands for Shane & Monica, the hosts of this show where they, well, rant. They rant about weird things they find on the Internet. They rant about news stories that are just so insane they make your head explode. They rant about bad writing and bad music and bad dates. They rant about whatever crazy stuff they feel like ranting about. Most of it is dirty. Oh, I guess you can put your mind back in the gutter now.

Now, Monica happens to be a friend of mine and though I’ve never met Shane1, after listening to a few episodes, I feel like I know Shane. Both of them, imho, are freaking hilarious and I just felt the need to share this little gem with all y’all. If you have a sense of humour like mine (i.e., that of a 12-year-old boy), I suggest you check it out. Check it out long time.

  1. At least, I don’t think I’ve met Shane, though I suppose now that I think about it, it’s entirely possible that I’ve met him at a blogger’s meetup or Northern Voice or some such place where geeky types like us are wont to hang out []


What I’ve Been Listening To Lately – Female Canadian Singers

I was sure that I started writing this blog posting last week and I totally remember embedding the videos and everything. Yet just now when I came to finish and post it – it was completely gone from my Drafts. Weird!

Anyway, I’ve been meaning to blog about the music I’ve been listening to lately. Maybe it’s because I’ve been doing a lot of driving lately or maybe it’s because I’ve resumed my half marathon training – two situations in which I need my music – but I feel like the iPod of my iPhone has been getting a lot of use lately!

My running playlist has a lot of dance music on it – I’ve added a lot of Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Adam Lambert, Cascada, Rihanna, and Ke$ha to my running playlist, which already contained a fair bit of Groove Coverage, Dresdan Dolls, and Madonna.

But I’ve also realized that three of my fav artists right now are female Canadian singers.

First up, Stef Lang from Vancouver1. Her songs Mr. Immature

….and Slave2Love were both on the radio…

… and I really liked them so I bought her album and it turns out that I also really like her song Closet Freak2:

Second, Fefe Dobson from Scarborough, ON. Her songs Ghost

…. and Stuttering3

…had been on the radio, and since I liked them, I bought a couple of her albums. I particularly like The Initiator4:

And third, I’ve listened to a lot of Metric at a friend’s place recently:

And, coincidentally, here’s my cousin Samantha5 covering Metric’s Gimme Sympathy:

You should totally go to this site and “like” her video!

  1. Originally from Ladysmith on Vancouver Island []
  2. This probably comes as no surprise to some and as much surprise to others. Such is the nature of my closeted freakiness. []
  3. Embarrassingly, Stuttering brought me to tears one day in my kitchen. I wasn’t having a particularly good day and it just hit me in a sore spot that I didn’t think I still had. []
  4. Which I’m sure will come as a surprise to no one who has ever met me. []
  5. Technically she’s my cousin-once-removed, as she’s my cousin Sheila’s daughter. Sheila and her daughters are all very talented singers/musicians. Because they clearly received all the musical talent genes in my family, as anyone who has ever been to karaoke or played Rock Band with me can attest. []


I Freaking Love the Internet

Tonight I was chatting with my sister. She lives 4000 km away, but I was able to chat with her like we were in the same room.

Day 257

Anytime I want to know what’s going on in the world, or how to get somewhere, or how to I cook a new dish, or to find a photo to use in a blog posting or some random fact or a million other things, I can just hop on the Internet.

How did we ever get by without it?

By – Tell The World About All The Things That Piss You Off

A couple of weeks ago Dr. Dan invited me to beta test a site that a friend of his created. I’ve been *dying* to tell all y’all about it (mostly because I’m usually the last person to hear about anything and it’s fun to be among the first), but I was sworn to secrecy until launch date. Well, today is launch date, so I give you: is a collection of anonymously submitted pet peeves. This is a sort of social experiment revolving around our daily frustrations and inner-hate. It is a place to vent, empathize, and laugh at the ongoing annoyances of the world we live in.

So check it out. And 100 NTBTWK points to the first person to correctly identify one of the pet peeves that I’ve submitted to the site1.

  1. comment has to be in the comments section of this posting on my blog. Comments on my Facebook wall, in Twitter @ replies or via passenger pigeon do not count []


(no title)

So, as I’m sure I’ve never mentioned on here before, I love data. I used the Runkeeper app to track my running data, the Sleep Cycle app to track my sleeping data and (the now open source) wesabe to track my money data.  So, not surprisingly, one of the blogs I follow is Information is Beautiful.  This site takes data and makes it visually appealing and understandable.  A posting earlier this month caught my attention and I’ve been meaning to blog about it since forever!  As I’m too busy today1 to do my usual Sunday BC Premier posting, I’m finally getting around to blogging it today.  The posting was about “Wikipedia’s Lamest Edit Wars.” For the uninitiated, Wikipedia articles are written by whoever wants to write them and generally result from people writing stuff, then other people providing more information and/or critiques and often the co-editors come to consensus2. Sometimes, however, they do not.  The “infographic” for this Info is Beautiful posting represents the Wikipedia pages that have had the biggest edit wars (i.e., people changing the same things back and forth because they just cannot agree) as pieces of paper with the size of the paper representing the number of edits.  Things like: Is the name of the South American country spelled “Brazil” or “Brasil” (page edited 11,571 times)?  Or should The Beatles be listed in the “traditional” order or alphabetical order? And is it “the Beatles” or “The Beatles” (page edited 17,608 times)?

But the one edit war, though not nearly the biggest one on the list, that caught my eye was: Arachnophobia: Should a page about fear of spiders contain a photo of a huge tarantula on it?  And I just have to say: what kind of a sick mofo would want to put such a horrid thing *anywhere*, let alone on a page like that? GAH!

  1. working on the course I’ll be teaching at UBC starting in September, since said course doesn’t seem to want to plan itself, plus I have to run 16 km []
  2. or one of the sides gives up on the argument []


Today’s excuse is brought to you by the letter P

So I have a perfectly good excuse for not writing a proper blog posting today1.  I’ve been *working* all night!  As I mentioned the other day, I have to give a presentation for work tomorrow and I got the bright idea to use Prezi to do it.  So I spent all day at work today, plus much of this evening, figuring out how Prezi works2, making beautiful graphs3 and finding awesome photos that are free to use4.

Using a new technology to make a presentation got me thinking about when PowerPoint first came out5. Back in the day, everyone was very nervous about their presentations not working, mostly because they so often didn’t work6. At that time, it was standard practice – if you were going to be brave enough to attempt a PowerPoint presentation at all – to print all your slides out on overhead transparencies just in case the technology failed you. Seriously. Overheads.  Anyway, I was thinking about that today as I was making this Prezi presentation – I kept thinking, “What if it doesn’t work? What if the technology fails me?” I downloaded a copy so I can run the presentation even if the Internet connection cacks out, but I keep feeling like I need some other form of backup. I even briefly considered putting all my graphs & photos into PowerPoint just in case.

Anyhoo, in lieu of writing something actually substantive here on the ole blog tonight, I give you this picture which is completely unrelated to anything I’ve written, but which Zemanta7 told me to show you:

Image by anMarton via Flickr
  1. not sure what my excuse for the last several months is, but today I’m totally covered []
  2. it’s pretty easy, actually []
  3. did I mention how much I heart data? []
  4. thanks to StockXchng and Flickr advanced image search []
  5. yes, I am *that* old []
  6. typically it was the that data projector was either not compatible with the laptop and/or no one know how to work the data projector, which at the time required you to be both a PhD in engineering and a wizard. And not like “oh that guy is a technical wizard!”, but like an actual wizard. Like Dumbledore. []
  7. note to self: blog about Zemanta, notably about how Zemanta doesn’t even give you a link to Zemanta despite the fact that you just typed the word “Zemanta” five times []


Tag Cloud of Search Terms

Over on Darren’s blog, he made some tag clouds using the keywords that people searched for and then ended up on his blog.  I’m always one to steal other people’s ideas1, so here’s my tag cloud using the top 100 search terms people have used to end up on my blog so far in 2010 (click here for a bigger version):

blog searches 2010The biggest search term – “beth snow blog” – makes sense, but I find it amusing that the other major search terms that landed people on my blog are for:

  • someone else’s photo (“quatchi kid”)
  • a program that I never completed (“200 squats”)
  • the incorrect name of a program I never completed (“100 squats” and “100 squat(s) challenge”)
  • the name of my blog with a typo in it (“no to be trusted with knives”)
  • something someone else said in a comment (“radicalized geese”)

I’m not sure what someone Googling “radicalized geese” is looking for, but I’m fairly certain I’m not delivering.

Though you can’t really see them very well here, if you click through to the bigger version you’ll see that quite a few people landed here looking for information on the presence of one Mr. Patrick Kane of the Chicago Blackhawks at the illustrious Roxy night club in Vancouver.  So I know that at least *some* of the people coming here are in the right ball park.

  1. in my defence, he gave detailed instructions of how to do this using Google Analytics and Wordle, so he was pretty much asking for it []


So *that’s* why I keep speaking ancient Aramaic

Over on Kimli’s blog, I learned about this questionnaire from the Church of St. Mark that will tell you what kind of demon you are possessed by (because, seriously you must be possessed by some kind of demon if you are reading this blog). Now, I know you’ll all be surprised to learn that I’m possessed by the pervy demon:


So, now that I know that, thanks to my weakness of spirit, I’m possessed by a slutty demon, I figure I should fill out  the handy dandy Exorcism Application form. But on the form I notice this little disclaimer:

Exorcism Applicaiton Disclaimer

Because nothing says “good faith” like asking you to waive all your legal rights.



I have a confession to make. Big Brother is my guilty pleasure of the summer. I know, I know, I’m usually all holier-than-thou-I-don’t-even-*have*-a-TV, but yet I watch the silliest of all “reality” TV shows.1. Anyway, for the uninitiated, BB involves a bunch of hot strangers with little clothing on (referred to as “houseguests”) who hang around a house full of TV cameras and microphones, competing in cheesy games a couple of times per week to be “Head of Household” or get the “Power of Veto” and once a week they get to vote someone off the Island out of the house. The rest of the time, they are locked in this house with no contact with anyone else – no contact with family, friends, and for the love of the FSM, no Internets. The show is on three times a week (basically showing the competitions, voting and a few highlights of life in the house), but for the low, low price of $40, you can subscribe via the intertubes to a 24 hour a day feed of what’s going on in the BB house.

This conversation may or may not have happened yesterday, while the live feed was showing the houseguests just lounging around talking about… well, I don’t even remember what it was… something very boring, anyway:

Person #1: Oh my god, they are so bored.

Person #2: And we paid money to watch it!

  1. Of course, I have confessed my Young & The Restless habit, so this new revelation shouldn’t really come as that much of a surprise []