The Great Convexity 2.0

A while ago, based on a suggestion from JB, I dubbed my work computer The Great Convexity. Two days ago, I.T. peeps came to my office and took away the Great Convexity, leaving me with a younger, sexier model. At first, T.G.C.2.0 seemed great. Bigger monitor that like swivels and goes up and down. Optical mouse. Keyboard that isn’t full of crumbs. But then I discovered that:

  • I can no longer set my own picture as my desktop background. I used to have this photo as my desktop; now I can only use some lame Microsoft background images1.
  • My entire email archive appears to have been wiped out.
  • My new computer sounds like it has a colony of hissing wolf spiders in it.

On the plus side, I just used a program for uploading some files to my website and discovered that I appear now to have Java. Welcome me to the 21st Century2.

1After I wrote that line, but before I published this posting, I was bitching about this photo isue to the admin assistant and she told me that we can get around this by using an online pic. For some reason, I can’t right-click and “Set image as background” with an image I have on my computer, but I can do that with a photo that’s online. And fortunately, this photo is online! Problem solved! But the point is that I shouldn’t *have* to do that!
2.The down side of this is that Scrabulous might work on my work computer now. I’ve avoided checking because I refuse to play Scrabble on my computer at work. Refuse!

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  • The photo doesn’t need to be online… it just needs to be opened in your browser. You can open a local file, not that it sounds like it would do you much good as it sounds like they don’t even let you store files locally. 😛

    IT has no periods.

    T.G.C. 2.0 has a space. It just does.

    Depending how mail was set up on your computer, it should be possible to retrieve/recover your emails and get them onto your new computer. Of course, that would require your IT people to be a) helpful and b) competent.


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  • I’m using the New York Times’ style guide, so I.T. does have periods. It’s an initialism of “Information Technology” and since you pronounce the letters “eye tea” (as opposed to pronouncing it as “it”), it’s correct to include the periods. This is in Wikipedia, so it must be true.

    As for retrieving my emails, I’m afraid that they may have been saved on the local c: drive, which would mean that they are on the actual hard drive of my old computer, which is god knows where.


  • Right and email is spelled with a hyphen! *rolls eyes*


    d00d u r so un1337

    Oh well, you do like hockey, so I guess that explains a lot. 😛

    P.S. IT means “information technology” and it’s pronounced “eye tea?” Thanks Seline! 😛


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