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  1. The buses are being retrofitted to automatically announce the next stops on all the routes. I think it will drive me (and others) nuts. It’s great for express routes but for routes which stop every block or every other block? Gah!

  2. Here in TO it is required by law that all public transit announce the stops.
    (you know, for people who can’t see.) So not only do we have a fantastic public transportation system (I know, I know. We are no Montréal,) we think about others too. See we ain’t so bad over here in Toronto.

  3. @Kalev – I think it’s even better for the buses that stop every block or two. On the express buses, I know what all the stops are, but on the regular buses I don’t so it would be nice to have an announcement to tell me when I’ve got to where I’m going. Especially when you are packed onto the bus like a sardine and you can’t even see out the window!

    @NancyS – Hey sis! Ya, I do like the T.O. and Montreal transit systems better than ours, I must admit. However, at least when I’m waiting for a bus here, it’s not minus one million degrees in the winter and plus one million degrees in the summer! =P

  4. I’m one of those bus drivers that announce! Thanks for appreciating your driver. Don’t be shy about thanking him/her as you are exiting the bus. It really makes our day to hear something positive from a passenger.

  5. I loves it when a driver announces the stops! The friendly formality of this makes the ride seem somehow much less random and riddled with despair.

    I always call “thank you” to the driver when I disembark, hoping they like it. They never indicate whether they like it or think I’m a raging dork. But who’s afraid of a little raging dorkiness if you at least err on the side of courtesy?

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