The Right Honourable, Captain Boring

After a short, hockey-related hiatus, our prime ministerial series is back in action! Back in action with the like the most boringest P.M. ever! Meet Arthur Meighen, the P.M. who appears to have done, to use a phrase of my mom’s, shit buggar all¹ during the very brief periods that he occupied the office of the P.M.

Arthur Meighen

Name Arthur Meighen
Born: Anderson, ON in June 16, 1874
Died: August 5, 1960
Party: Conservative, Unionist
Held Office: July 10, 1920 – Dec 29, 1921 andJune 19, 1926 – Sept 25, 1926
Best known for: -first P.M. born after Confederation-first & only P.M. to represent a riding in Manitoba (despite the fact that he was born and lived in Ontario for most of his life)
Some Things I Didn’t Know About This P.M. -he became rivals with William Lyon Mackenzie King when they were both at the University of Toronto, long before either became P.M.-as Minister of the Interior, he played an important role in the legislation that resulted in creating the Canadian National Railway

-as the Secretary of State for Canada, he was responsible for conscription in 1917 and in 1919 he helped to forceably quashed the Winnipeg General Strike (this guys so does not sound like my kind of guy)

-as P.M., he appears to have done jack squat.

-at the end of both of his terms as P.M., not only was Meighen’s party defeated, but he was lost his own seat in the both elections (ha ha!)

Well, I was as bored writing that as I’m sure you were reading it. But if, for some inexpicable reason, you are just dying to read more about Arthur Meighen, you can go to these places:


Image credits: From from the Library and Archives Canada, copyright is expired.

¹”Shit buggar all” means “absolutely nothing.”

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  1. I have been swamped, so have been neglecting my commenting duties.

    Meighen and WLMK went to U of T (I believe) at the same time and LOATHED each other. This loathing continued throughout their political careers. Meighen always believed that WLMK thwarted him at every turn. Which, while not entirely true, likely means that he was that miserable, bitter dude that you didn’t want to get stuck sitting with at dinner parties.

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