Climate Action Dividend

Here in BC, we are each getting a cheque for $100 from the provincial government.  It’s called the “Climate Action Dividend,” and you are supposed to put it towards doing something eco-friendly.  It feels more like a vote-buying scheme to me, ‘cuz really, what can you do with $100?  And I already have travel mugs to use instead of disposable cups, rechargeable batteries, canvas bags to bring my groceries home in instead of plastic bags,  etc. So anyhoo, I’m thinking of putting mine towards my laser eye surgery. I figure that not throwing out a pair of contacts, plus associated packaging, every month, and the packaging for contact lens solution (not to mention the energy costs of producing and transporting those contacts & solution) is eco-friendly, right? I mean, seeing as $100 is not going to buy me that eco-friendly Smart Car I have my eye on.

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  • What?! We ARE?!

    That’s outrageous! That’s nearly as stupid as the “economic stimulus” $600 cheques to every man and woman in America!

    Why aren’t they putting that money into something like… oh, healthcare or lowering tuition costs? It must amount to at least $300 million!

    Or, if we want to keep on top of how “wonderful” the 2010 Olympics will be, what about some money for social housing? Like serious social housing, not the dribs and drabs they dole out every quarter or so?!

    Fucking BC Liberals! I swear to the gods if anyone I know votes for them in 2009…


  • In other news, yeah… technically you can definitely make an argument that your eye surgery will reduce your impact on the environment. Less plastics manufacturing, less shipping, less packaging…

    Of course, you aren’t being given a lot to work with and it falls right into the stupid and self-serving corporate approach that somehow individuals are the ones who have to do all the heavy lifting with respect to reducing our ecological footprint while meanwhile corporations get to keep right on polluting to their hearts’ content. *sigh*

    Because yeah, if everyone switches to compact fluorescent bulbs, we’ll save the planet. We just won’t mention the huge car malls in Richmond and Surrey whose lights are left on 24/7/365. Or the power needed to extract oil out of the oilsands in Alberta.


  • Just use the $100 to buy a new sex toy. Call it “Gordie”. Alternatively, assemble a $100 voodoo doll of the same name. You won’t find a bigger Campbell-hater than someone in the interior working in post-secondary education.


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