For the record, I took 7 pairs of shoes on my trip

Before my trip, I was having discussions about the appropriate number of shoes to take with me.  The general consensus among my friends was that you don’t really need that many shoes for a week long trip.

I disagree.  For the record, I took seven pairs of shoes:

And I wore every single pair at least once.  So there! =P

10 Replies to “For the record, I took 7 pairs of shoes on my trip”

  1. Beth, don’t listen to any of these people! I read the question before I read the blog subject, and my answer was 8 (one for each day), so when I read your answer, I thought you did well! Granted… I think I may have once taken 5 pairs of shoes on a 4 day trip once… Anyways, my theory is that your clothes take up less space when you go somewhere warm, so you can take more shoes!

  2. If I tried to take that many pairs of shoes anywhere my husband would be talking divorce. We went to Europe for a month, each with one pair of shoes on our feet and one pair in our bag. You had a bag just full of shoes and purses!? How much luggage did you bring?

  3. The bag was only really half full of shoes. There was enough room in there for all my clothes (summer clothes, thankfully, take up very little room). So I just had that suitcase and then a carry-on case with my laptop, camera & books.

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