It’s Bethmas Eve!


So first off, I have to admit that I totally stole my blog title from Miss 604, who said on Jan 8, the day before her birthday, that it was “Becky Eve.”1

Since my actual birthday is tomorrow, a Sunday2, I decided to get some friends together last night for dinner and to watch the Canucks game at Coppertank.   Thanks to everyone who came out to celebrate my birthday with me!  And special thanks to Airdrie who brought me a cake!  And Rachel who brought cupcakes!  And Jen who gave me a card with the awesome sticker that I’m wearing in this photo.

1I thought this was on Twitter, but I searched Twitter to be able to provide a link to it and it’s not there. Then I thought maybe it was on Facebook, but I checked that and it’s not there either, nor is it on So I have no idea where I saw it!
2On top of Sundays being not the best day for celebrating, I have a hockey game to play on Sunday.

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  • OMFG you have a category for rampant narcissism. I knew you rocked, but now you rock even more!


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  • @Kalev – As if you even watched any of the game! I should thank you instead for sitting in a room full of non-attractive hockey fans =P

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  • @Beth: I TOTALLY watched parts of the game. Especially the parts where the Canucks tied it at 4-4 and then managed to let the Steelers (ha) score two more goals to lose spectacularly, something at which they are phenomenally good at, it seems. It’s good they’re good at SOMETHING, at least, even if it is snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

    But yes, I do not understand why there weren’t hotter boys there.

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