Remember when I said that US Airways sucks?   A plane just crashed into the Hudson River.  Guess which airline.

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  • Give the pilot his due, though, as he did such a great job of (crash-)landing on the Hudson River that the fuselage remained intact and afloat allowing all passengers & crew to be rescued — none with life-threatening injuries. Pretty amazing.


  • It was mildly amusing (well, except for the death(s) obviously) that when I was in New York 2 years ago a plane crashed into a building there (just beside the river). I was in Macy’s when it was on the news. It seemed so cliche.

    I agree that managing to do a “safe” crash is kinda amazing.


  • The investigation has barely begun. However, the best guess circulating just now is that Canadian geese are responsible for this terrifying attack on America. I know political liberals say these undocumented immigrants harmlessly eat the fish that domestic waterfowl do not want. Yet this incident proves beyond any argument that the risk to our national security is entirely too real.

    Who knows when the next attack will be? Who can imagine what nefarious plans our enemies’ anserine animus may yet unfurl? Could they have already laid eggs of mass destruction? Can we really afford to do nothing until the day arrives that thousands of Americans awaken to sticky windows and amused honking sounds?

    Pre-emptive self-defense may be self-contradictory and invariably wrong, but does that really justify the criticism expressed in recent years? We must never forget that these dastardly birds showed tremendous cunning and coordination in carrying out this suicide attack. Of course diplomacy should be given every opportunity to work, but it is hard to imagine the mullahs in Ottawa abandoning their policy of providing safe havens for even the most radicalized geese.

    Given that democracy is the cure for terrorism, I can’t see that the U.S. has much choice now but to invade Canada and orchestrate a successor regime that would grant full voting rights to every adult waterfowl from Beaver Creek all the way to Cape Spear. Managing sectarian violence, especially with so many loons and pelicans crowded together, is sure to be a problem. Still the logic is inescapable. We must fight them up there so that we do not have to fight them down here!


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