I Think I Need A New Watch

I looked down at my wrist yesterday and this is what I saw:

IMG_4506 by you.


My watch has been coming apart for quite some time now, but it’s finally come to the point that the main part of my watch has fallen completely out and I have no idea where it is.  I could have lost it anywhere, really.  I think I will use the birthday money that my sister sent me to buy a new one. Maybe I’ll even get one of those fancy ones which I can use to control Marla.

I do know one thing for sure: my friend Alicia, with whom I go running, will be glad to see me get a new watch because my old one, with the strap all unattached like that, kept shutting the timer off when we were runing as the loose plastic of the strap would hit the timer’s off button. So when my watch was supposed to beep so that we’d know that we had done our 10 minutes of running and could take our 1 minute walk break, it just wouldn’t beep. And then we’d have a totally screwed up run schedule. So, yeah, a new watch is definitely in order.  Also in order, emailing Alicia to set up a running date, which we haven’t done since before the holidays… I think we only have a 100 days left to train for our half marathon. Eep!

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  • I hate it when that happens! I’ve had jewelry where stones or pieces fell out, too. So annoying. This is good, in the end, if that watch wasn’t working right anyways, and you can afford a new one.


  • Well, the watch itself was working fine. It was just the fact that it was falling out of the watch strap that made the timer not work properly (‘cuz the loose bit o’ watch strap would bump into the buttons). But the way the watch was designed, you can’t just replace the strap, you have to replace the whole darned thing. Stupid watch.


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  • It is rather hilarious, isn’t it? It wasn’t too hilarious when I looked down at my wrist expecting to see the time and instead saw a strap of useless plastic. But when I took the photo, I saw that it was pretty funny.


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