And so endeth another blogging streak

So, after posting yesterday’s blog posting, which I was totally sure I’d alreday posted, I got to thinking “Why the heck didn’t I post it?”  And through my mad investigatory skills, I made  a horrifying discovery: I missed a day of blogging!  I’m pretty sure that what must have happened was that I wrote that blog posting and then clicked “Save Draft” instead of “Publish.”  And then went about my merry way, thinking that I had posted when I hadn’t. Me = brilliant!

Truth be told, I’m not even sure why I have this desire to blog every single day.  I mean, I don’t get paid to do this, there’s no one making me do this, it’s not as if my legions of fans are demanding daily blog posts and it’s not like I’m bored and need a hobby to fill my time – I have three jobs for crying out loud!  It can actually be quite tricky to find the time to post something every day (FSM bless the “schedule posts” feature of WordPress) , yet still I strive to do it.  I think it’s partly about the challenge – just to see if I can stick to it – and party about having something that I do solely because I choose to do it.  I write for fun.  I write to vent about things or to share things that I find amusing or to brag about my mad hockey skillz or the adorable thing my niece said or whatever random thought is rattling around in my brain on any given day.

But, yeah, I screwed up the blogging streak after 231 days straight of blogging!  Which means I won’t be able to check off #101 on my list of 101 things to do in 1001 days.  I blame the economy.

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  1. Yeah, the comments are way too small! (As are the bulleted lists) The font size for the entire blog was that small originally and I tweaked it (well, to be more accurate, until my friend Kalev and I tweaked it!) I just haven’t had the time to tweak the comments and bulleted lists – clearly I need to get on that!

  2. Given that item #101 from your list reads “publish a blog posting for each of the next 1001 days!”, I’m not so sure you can’t cross this one off if you try. That is, the item doesn’t indicate that the blogs have to be published daily. I think this leaves you open to publishing 1001 entries total over 1001 days. On average that would indicate 1 per day, however I think there should be some wiggle room here. I mean, should you not get extra credit if you have multiple postings in one day? Should you not be given some wiggle room in the event that the power goes out and you can’t publish your posting (or perhaps you are on a plane, a tropical beach, etc.)?

    What I’m getting at is that there exist some individuals (*cough, cough*) who regularly check for blog updates because they are desperately trying to distract themselves from other things such as, oh, I don’t know, let me randomly pick something; how about a PhD? These individuals would most definitely encourage further postings.

    Seriously though, thanks for all the posts thus far. Most entertaining indeed!

  3. I started blogging to see if I could stick to it, though from the beginning I declared a goal of five substantive posts each week. I did not think it was plausible that I would write seriously every 24 hours (or even never go more than 24 hours without getting online.) Still, I believe I made it around 100 days before breaking that initial streak. The “five weekly” goal held up little while longer, but then my interests wandered.

    I suppose there are lots of ways to look at your streak situation. If I could offer anything helpful, it would simply be to advise going forward with a new goal. There should be no limits on what you might consider as an appropriate goal for yourself. Unconstrained, you can then puzzle out what will be most satisfying plan. Articulating goals to sustain motivation in pursuit of that plan could prove even more effective, as the plan would evolve, informed by past experiences.

    Demonweed’s last blog post..What You Should Think About Balance

  4. @Dan – I like the way you caught that loophole! You are totally right – I hadn’t realized that I’d worded it in such a way that I don’t have to actually blog everyday to meet that goal. Score!

    @Derek – I could have fixed the date, but it just seemed wrong to do it so many dates later. I’m not averse to scheduling things to be published on a future date when I know I’m not going to have time/be online, or even backdating by a few hours if I post something after midnight to appear on the previous day (I figure that if I haven’t gone to bed yet, it still counts as yesterday!), but somehow cheating by two weeks just seemed wrong.

    @Demonweed – I’m still going to stick with my blog every day goal and see if I can make my streak last even longer this time. And since Dan figured out a loophole, it’s all good!

    @Dave – Indeed. Peak oil is a bastard and made me miss a day of blogging. Bastard.

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