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My Mid-Week Weekend Update – Part 2

You’d think after Saturday’s epic tour to the Albion Ferry, I’d need a day of rest and recovery, right? But there’s no rest for the wicked, my friends, so Sunday brought another trek up the Grouse Grind.  Long time readers will know that though I complain that the Grouse Grind now has way too many stairs (WAY TOO MANY STAIRS!), I still seem to bring my friends there (Shalu, Therese, Crystel & Tenny, Lianna, and Kim, I’m looking in your direction).  This time the victim was my Official Statistician & Tattoo Consultant, Almost Dr. Dan. Dan is in town for a Statistics conference, during which he managed to also squeeze in eating lots of sushi, Indian food and breakfast cupcakes, a trip to the Aquarium, and getting two more tattoos, as well as the Grind.

First, the requisite photo at the start of the trail:

IMG_4898 by you.

Next, proof we made it to the 1/4 way point, where they have this wonderfully encouraging sign telling you that you’ll probably die should you try to go any further:

IMG_4899 by you.

I don’t know who that random dude on the right is.

Next up, the 1/2 way point:

IMG_4900 by you.

At this point Dan described his knees as “burning,” but we figured that his physiotherapist’s advice to “just stop activity” when his knees hurt to be rather impratical when you are halfway up a mountain.

Somehow, we managed to miss the marker for the 3/4 way marker.  We’d been hiking for a looong time past the 1/2 way mark when Dan said, “This 3/4 way mark sure is alluding us!”  But when we looked up we could, mercifully, pretty much see the top.  The top looks like this:

IMG_4902 by you.

Don’t we look victorious?

It was a hot day on Sunday and, despite our supermodel good looks in this photo, Dan and I were really, really sweaty. Usually by a few minutes after I’m done the Grind, once the exercise has stopped, I get chilly pretty quickly. But it was so hot out on Sunday that, despite being on a mountain top where there is still snow (!), I didn’t get chilled at all.  And we stayed up there for a while, chatting, checking out the beautiful view and breaking rules:

A sign telling us what *not* to do? by you.

Seriously, our conversation when we walked up to that fence went something like this:

Beth: I’m feeling the need to get a photo of me beyond that fenceline.

Dan: I was just thinking the exact same thing.

Because if my dad taught me anything, it’s that if a sign says “Do Not Enter,” you just know that there’s something awesome there.


My Mid-Week Weekend Update – Part 1

So this past weekend I was out having so much bloggable fun that I never got around to blogging it. Until now. Which is Wednesday.

Saturday involved Kalev and I going on an epic road trip to the Albion Ferry.  For anyone not from the Lower Mainland, I shall explain what the Albion Ferry is (which should give those of your who are from the Lower Mainland enough time to recover from laughing at the thought of the Albion Ferry being thought of as a tourist destination).  The Albion Ferry is essentially a commuter ferry that brings people across the Fraser River from Maple Ridge to Fort Langley.

albion ferry by you.

The thing is, someone who lives in Vancouver would never really have occasion to take the Albion Ferry.  If you want to go to Langley, you would just drive over the Port Mann Bridge:

albion ferry3 by you.

To get to Maple Ridge, you take the Pitt River Bridge:

albion ferry2 by you.

The ferry ride itself is just a few minutes, but you often hear of 3, 4 or more sailing waits (and with each sailing being 15 minutes apart, that can be a substantial amount of time sitting in your car waiting for a few minutes on a boat).  So they are building a bridge – The Golden Ears Bridge – which has been under construction since June 2006 and which will be ready in about two weeks, so that people in that area can just drive over the river whenever they feel like it. And thus the Ferry is being retired next month. Hence the road trip. Kalev and I felt it was our civic duty to have taken the Albion Ferry at least once before it is shut down forever.

I’m pretty sure Kalev and I were the first ever tourists on the Albion Ferry.

But I’m ahead of myself.  First, here’s a picture of me picking up Kalev in Zaphod Beeblebrox the Car:

Dr. Beth in Dr. Car by Kalev.

Did I ever mention that I frickin’ love my car?

From Kalev’s, we headed out on Highway 1 and were chatting so much we totally forgot that we were supposed to get off the highway at the United exit.  Which super duper sucked because it meant we had to go over the Port Mann bridge, then turn around and come back. And the Port Mann bridge coming back was at a standstill.  So we sat ont he Port Mann for about 30 minutes when we really didn’t need to, seeing as we never meant to go over it in the first place!  Good thing we weren’t in a hurry!

Once we got back to where we actually meant to be, things were good and after much driving, we eventually got to the ferry. And then we had to wait three sailing waits!  But it was totally worth it, as it was a nice (albeit very, very short) little boat trip across the river:

Albion Ferry loading by Kalev.

Loading onto the ferry.

Beth & Dr. Car on the Albion Ferry by KalevMe & Dr. Car on the Albion Ferry by Kalev

Proof that Kalev and I did, in fact, get on the Albion Ferry!

After the brief trip across the water, we checked out the quaintness that is Fort Langley.  I have a theory that all quaint towns are legally required to sell fudge.  Ft. L. did not disappoint.

On the hunt for Fudge Zero by Kalev.

Kalev assured me that food in Langley does not contain calories on his birthday weekend and henceforth the fudge was dubbed “Fudge Zero”:

Fudge Zero logo by you.

And then it was on to The Olive Garden for dinner.   The choice of restaurant was on Kalev’s insistence, as I maintain that the O.G. is white trash fine dining, but I do concede that the salad and breadsticks are tasty.  Also, the eggplant parmigiana was far more deep fried than I had anticipated.

And check out how big the “small car” parking spots in Langley are:

IMG_1552 by Kalev.

I mean, I know my smart car is little, but you could easily have fit two of them in that spot – three if you’d parked them sideways!

After stuffing ourselves at the O.G., we decided to head home and on the way discovered a real, honest-to-goodness Baskin-Robbins store so, of course, we couldn’t resist the temptress that is Chocolate Mousse Royale ice cream.

And that, my friends, is how I spent my Saturday!