To the spammer who left this comment on my blog


visit my blog: [redacted URL]
no spam!!!! if you report my blog at my hoster, you will die!!!!

please visit us!!

Two things:

(a) If you don’t want to be reported as a spammer to your “hoster,” maybe don’t spam people’s blogs?

(b) Threats of death – not the best way to get people on your side.

Also, scammer pretending to be the “Bank of Montreal”:

(a) I do not now have, nor ever have I had, an account with Bank of Montreal. So telling me that someone is trying to get into my BMO account is not going to scare me into clicking your link.

(b) Also, your link (which I can see when I hover my mouse over the link without having to click it) is to a site in Germany. I’m pretty sure that the Bank of MONTREAL is not in Germany.

(c) Though admittedly I have never had an account with BMO, I highly doubt that they’d use the grammatically incorrect email subject line: “you got 1 new message”

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