R.I.P. Fusecal

For the last few hockey seasons, I used Fusecal to turn my hockey team’s online schedule into items that go directly into my Palm Pilot calendar.  It was very cool – my hockey schedule comes out only a few weeks as a time and by using Fusecal to subscribe to my schedule, I would get automatic updates to my hockey team’s schedule sent directly to my calendar.  And when, after a given game, the schedule was updated with the score from that game – that went right into my calendar too. Because you never know when you’ll be out and about and need to double check what the score from that game three weeks ago was.

So, with the hockey season a mere two weeks away, I hopped over to the Fusecal website to set up this season’s schedule.  And saw this:

Au Revoir FuseCal
July 8th, 2009 by mrh
This past weekend, we took FuseCal offline. While we’re hopeful we can someday revive it, for the time being the economics just aren’t working in our favor.

Our apologies for not giving any advanced notice. We had hoped to avoid this situation but had to make the decision precipitously when it became clear that the several alternatives we were pursuing were not going to be realized. We’ve always worked hard to actively communicate with our users and we’re sorry we were unable to do so at such a critical time.

We’re all proud of the progress we made but very disappointed that we haven’t been able to get it to the finish line. We can’t thank you enough for your support and again send our apologies for not communicating better. All of your comments, criticisms or suggestions would still be, as always, greatly appreciated.


The FuseCal Team

So I guess it’s back to t-y-p-i-n-g my hockey schedule manually into my calendar. And that’s so 2006.

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