GPS Navigation App Acquired!

As I type this, the Navigon GPS iPhone app is installing onto Bellatrix!  As anyone who has ever met me knows, I suck at directions.  Unlike my iPhone, I have no built-in compass.  I’ve heard that most people can just feel which way is east and which way is west, but I totally cannot.  When I moved to Vancouver from Ontario, for the first three or four days of driving I totally felt like I was driving east, even though all the signs clearly said I was on the Trans-Canada highway going west.

Since I bought my iPhone, I’ve been using Maps to give me directions as to where to go, but Maps requires that you look at the screen, zoom in to see street names, scroll when the little blue dot that represents you goes off the screen, etc.  I need a GPS that will tell me “Turn left at Granville Street” outloud.

******squeee!   It’s installed!!*****

Anyway, after doing some research and talking to some peeps, I decided to go with Navigon as my GPS.

Although I did find it odd that this app is apparently appropriate for anyone older than 4 years old:

Navigon MobileNavigator

I guess all those driving four-year-olds aren’t very good with directions either.

Also interesting, you shouldn’t operate your GPS while driving:

Navigon - Do Not Operate While Driving

Which is funny, seeing as it’s a freaking GPS navigation system.  And that you can set it for “car,” “motorcycle,” and “truck,” in addition to “bike” and “pedestrian.”  I suppose I should use it while pushing my car?

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  • All regular GPS units come with that warning too – I laughed the first time I saw it.

    It's not that you shouldn't use the GPS for directions while driving, it's that you're supposed to enter your destination in while stopped, instead of punching buttons and fiddling with controls while in motion.

    Common sense, I know … but I've been in the car with people who can't stop playing with their GPS while driving, and it's *very* unnerving.


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