Are You Hiding Under Your Desk Yet?


I’m not actually writing this blog posting right now. In fact, as this post, which I’ve written in advance and scheduled to post at exactly 10 a.m., is being published, I’m hiding under my desk and holding on for dear life!  Because it’s time for the The Great British Columbia Shake Out –  the biggest earthquake drill in the history of Canada!

You may recall I blogged about this a few weeks ago. Did I actually finish assembling my earthquake preparedness kit?  Well, no, actually. Because I suck and thus will be forced to ration my limited supply of bottled water and energy bars that I tossed in a box in my storage closest, cursing my unpreparedness, when the Big One hits. But at least I’m hiding under my desk right now and thus will know what to do should a real earthquake happen and thus will survive the quake long enough to curse my unpreparedness.  Plus, I bet my coworkers are asking me what the hell I’m doing right now and that’s always fun.

I’ll take a photo of me hiding under my desk and post it here later. For the greater good. You’re welcome.


Day 219

Me, hiding under my desk.


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