Braces Update

So I went in on Wednesday to get my braces adjusted. Specifically, they took out the existing wire and put in a thicker one. As well, this thicker wire was longer so that the brackets on my lower back molars could be including in the tooth moving fun, as they were not attached to the rest for the first few weeks.

I was glad that I had this appointment scheduled, as over the Christmas holidays I managed to dislodge my lower wire on one side and to knock a doohickey1 loose. By flossing. Oh yeah, not by doing all the things I’m not supposed to do, like eating caramel corn2 or nuts or breads with hard crusts. No, it was when I was trying to be good and floss my teeth around these godforsaken braces that I managed to do all the damage. But whatevs, it’s all fixed now.

Now, when I first got my braces on, I was told that my teeth/jaw would ache for a couple of days at first, but they totally didn’t. I had a few achy moments over the weeks, but nothing all that bad. This time, however, it was achy city long time. My teeth ached as the new wire was installed and continued to ache for all of Wednesday, Thursday, and today. I have followed the advice of my hockey linemate – self-medicating the pain away with wine – and that seems to work like a charm!

But all this achy-ness is total worth it, because I can already see that my teeth are moving! In fact, the tooth that I most hated3 because it was pushed way far back is almost totally in line with my other teeth. Seriously. I had no idea that I’d be able to see results like that so quickly! Now, I realize that this doesn’t mean I get to get my braces off tomorrow or anything – the bone formation to keep the teeth in their new place without braces will take some time. But just think how awesome my smile will be at the end of all this!

  1. I’m relatively certain that that is the technical term for it []
  2. my brother-in-law’s mom makes the most delicious caramel corn in the world! []
  3. the one just to the left of my front left tooth []