Two Weeks Today…

… I’m getting my braces off!

I had an orthodontist appointment last week and after the past few visits where my ortho kept saying things like “We are *so* close!” and “We’ll be talking about getting your braces off really soon!”, she finally said, “I’m done! If only we had enough time, I’d say let’s take them off today!” This, my friends, was music to my ears!


As (bad) luck would have it, the ortho office is closed this week and I’m in Ontario all next week, so the next available appointment was Monday, March 12, first thing in the a.m. and at that appointment, they’ll take these train tracks off my teeth and take some molds to make some retainers.

braces 2

Then I go back the next day after work to install the retainers and then I’m good to go!

I’m planning to get some restorative dentistry done to pretty up my teeth – especially the three at the front that were root canaled a million years ago and are now a bit discoloured and cracked. I mean, I’ve already done all this work to straighten them, I may as well go all the way. That, however, will have to wait a bit as I need to save up the cash. I’d originally thought that I’d have the braces on until July, which meant I would have had more time for saving and that, combined with some unexpected expenses1 means that I don’t have the cash on hand for fancy pants teeth right at the moment. But for now, I’ll just be happy to smile without a mouth of of metal and floss my teeth in less than half an hour!

  1. i.e., school-related costs like textbooks that aren’t covered by my scholarship, unexpected trip to Ontario for my Dad’s surgery, and something else that I’ll tell you about in an upcoming blog posting []

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