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Rolling Up The Rim To Actually Win

Despite my coffee snobbery, I’ve started drinking Tim Horton’s coffees of late. It started when I was in the hospital for my Dad’s surgery. The coffee shop in the hospital1 was a Timmy’s. And my Dad *loved* his Timmy’s, so drinking it makes me think of him. I had one at the airport on the way home from Ontario. And when Devon texted this past weekend when he was on the way over to my place informing me that it is Roll Up The Rim to Win season and offering to pick up coffee, I said “Yes, please!” And when I rolled up the rim on that coffee, I actually won!

Roll up the rim to win

Of course, now that I am 1 for 1 on RUTRTW this season, I’m wondering if I should quit while I’m ahead…

  1. As an aside: the hospital also had a Colonel Sanders Wing. Like as in the Kentucky Fried Chicken guy. Apparently he lived in Mississauga at some point and gave a bunch of cash to the hospital and they named a wing after him. It was called something like “The Colonel Sanders Family Care Wing” or some such. I thought it should have been the Cardiac Care Wing, personally, but perhaps that is a bit too obvious. []

4 Responses to Rolling Up The Rim To Actually Win

  1. Sarah says:

    Dave just won, too. For the first time in like 3 years. I won that bike back in 2000 and I’m sure I’ll never win anything ever again. But go you! No size restriction, either!

  2. Lynn says:

    re: Colonel Sanders’ Wing. Don’t you think a more appropriate name would have been “The Chicken Wing”?

  3. Jen says:

    Two things.

    Thing the first: – definitely quit rolling while you’re ahead.

    Thing the second: It should be the “Chicken Wing.” Duh.

  4. Tom says:


    Apparently you have 1 in 6 chances of winning. I won a free coffee on my sixth Roll Up the Rim To Win coffee.

    A former co-worker won $1,000 once!

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