101 in 1001 Update

Just coming out from under a weekend of classes – and a weekend of classes means a week of nonstop homework preceding said classes. To give you a sense of what my weeks are like, I made this shiny graph:

School Graph

Click graph to embiginate, so you can see it in all its embiggened glory.

Now that my requisite whinging about how busy I am1, on with the blog posting!

OK, where was I? Oh yes, I was going to say that because of the being so freaking busy with school, I have a backlog of blog posting ideas stuck in my brain, but I’m too exhausted to write them all, due to the accompanying backlog of sleep deprivation that I need to deal with. So many that I was having a hard time figuring out which one to start with. And so I decided to go with the “low hanging fruit” (as the kids are saying these days). And that low hanging fruit, as I’m sure you guessed from the title of this blog posting, is an update on how I’m doing on my list of 101 Things To Do, Part Deux.

Most excitingly, I have knocked off item #4 – Live above ground! Though I haven’t yet unpacked anything (see graph above), all my stuff has been moved into our new place and so I  now officially live above ground for the first time in more than a decade!

Item #20 – host a dinner party should be much easier now that I live in a city that people will actually visit. Item #5 – get a cat, however, will now require me to convince Devon that it’s a good idea, though he’s not so sure due to his allergies2.

I’m also getting seriously close to finishing item #1 – pay off my student loans in full! At my current rate, I’ll be done in July. This, of course, assumes that I can continue at my current rate of paying off $1,800 per month, which I’m not 100% sure I can do due to the weird way my scholarship is being dished out to me3, along with some unexpected expenses I’ve had so far this year. I’m trying my damnedest to keep up the pace, but even if I don’t quite make it, I’ll still be able to finish those off within a month or two of July. Item #2 – host a lavish “I Paid Off My Student Loans” party will, of course, come soon thereafter.

And apparently I’ve really been focusing on things at the beginning of my list, because there really hadn’t been any progress to speak of on any items after item #20. But it’s only been 169 of 1001 days, so I’m feeling like things are going pretty well.

  1. Yes, I am aware that I have no one to blame by myself! []
  2. All cat lovers, you should tell Devon, “Allergies, smallergies!” for me, OK? []
  3. Where “weird” = not as fast as my tuition fee payments are coming due []

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  • Have you considered one of those hairless cats — without the fur they should be hypoallergenic. I’m a dog person. You just van’t roughhouse with a cat! (there’s the Chinese Crested hairless dog, too)


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  • Get a cat! Get a cat! As you know, both Dave and I are allergic, and you become habituated to your own cat (think of it as your own allergy shots). Also — our guys are GREAT at killing spiders.

    You are paying off your loans too fast — I don’t think we’ll be able to get out there for your party. 😉


  • Oh no, you still want a cat? I thought it was just a phase you were going through! I’ll be buying Chlor-Tripolon by the case…

    How about a frog or a turtle?


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