101 More Things To Do in the Next 1001 Days

You totally knew this was coming, didn’t you?

Having had my 101 list for the last 1001 days, I just can’t imagine a life without a 101 list! So, of course, I had to create my next 101 list. In fact, I started creating this list back in Dec 2009! Every time I think of something I want to do, I’ve put it into this posting, which I’ve had in draft since there. There are some things that I wanted to do and then accomplished, so I took them off the list1. To round out the list, I’ve added stuff from my first 101 list that I didn’t manage to accomplish but that I still want to get done and I went through Dr. Dan’s Not-So-Bucket-List to pilfer ideas.

Start date: Tuesday, October 11, 2011

End date: Tuesday, July 8, 2014

  1. pay off my student loans in full![Accomplished April 2012]
  2. host a lavish “I Paid Off My Student Loans” party2 [Changed my mind on this one]
  3. get a promotion at work
  4. live above ground[Accomplished: March 17, 2012]
  5. get a cat[Accomplished: 18 Jan 2014. And even better, I got two!]
  6. learn to juggle
  7. go to an Abbotsford Heat hockey game
  8. run a destination marathon somewhere awesome3 [Half accomplished, as I ran a destination half marathon in Hollywood!]
  9. own property4 [Accomplished, to my utter surprise, 23 June 2014]
  10. write a blog posting with 101 footnotes in it. [Accomplished 7 August 2012. Thank goodness I didn’t say they had to be good footnotes!]
  11. learn to speak French well enough to carry on a halfway decent conversation
  12. re-read Momo5[Accomplished August 2013 while in Nice, France]
  13. re-read Johnathan Livingstone Seagull6[Accomplished August 2013 while in Nice, France]
  14. do a round of P90X7.
  15. buy a red suit8
  16. buy a pantsuit9 [Accomplished: 1 July 2013.]
  17. visit a shooting range and shoot a gun![Accomplished on January 11, 2012]
  18. be named one of Canada’s Top 40 Under 40 10
  19. run a triathlon
  20. host a dinner party
  21. be an invited guest speaker at a TED conference11
  22. meet a Prime Minister (past or present)
  23. go skydiving
  24. write a will
  25. bake at least one thing per month for 12 months in a row, without baking the same thing two months in a row12 [Accomplished June 2013].
  26. do some kind of exercise (anything really, even if it is just a set of pushups, as long as it is beyond just incidental stuff like taking the stairs or walking to a store) every day for a year![Accomplished: 29 Dec 2013]
  27. attend a taping of the Daily Show with Jon Stewart
  28. attend a taping of the Colbert Report
  29. be a guest on the Colbert Report
  30. publish a paper with Dan Gillis
  31. publish a paper with Rick Chin
  32. take Dan and Rick to section 3 (a.k.a., the nerd bar) [Was foiled on this one, as section 3 closed down before Dan and Rick came out here. 🙁 ]
  33. be named the Nerd of the Month at section 3 [See above 🙁 ]
  34. present at a conference at an international location13
  35. taking singing lessons
  36. incorporate the word “growlery” into my vocabulary[Accomplished 8 July 2013. This was typed in my growlery.]
  37. get a ride on a zamboni
  38. eat a Montreal smoked meat sandwich in Montreal, which I haven’t done since I was a kid [Accomplished on November 13, 2011! and again, at Schwartz’s, on October 22, 2012]
  39. go scuba diving
  40. go for a ride in a helicopter
  41. go for a ride in a float plane
  42. climb an active volcano
  43. make homemade pasta [Accomplished: 11 May 2014]
  44. do the CN Tower Edgewalk[Accomplished October 26, 2012]
  45. do a 30-day hot yoga challenge
  46. learn to do a handstand
  47. complete a good cartwheel
  48. ride an elephant
  49. ride a camel
  50. run a sub-2 hour half marathon
  51. get my Credentialed Evaluator designation[Accomplished on December 30, 2011]
  52. cook a decent tasting Eggplant Parmesan14 [Accomplished 22 September 2013]
  53. go to New York City
  54. go to Chicago
  55. leave the continent[Accomplished on August 1, 2013 by going to Europe.]
  56. go surfing & actually stay up on the board
  57. learn to snowboard (or at least try it)
  58. hike Black Task
  59. hike the West Coast Trail
  60. read something by Salman Rushdie
  61. visit Macchu Picchu
  62. for one week, go to bed at 9 and read non-work related books
  63. read The Last Spike by Pierre Berton
  64. skate on the Rideau Canal
  65. go to a Vancouver Canadians game [Accomplished 10 June 2013]
  66. write in my journal every day for a month[Accomplished: 12 March 2013.]
  67. go kayaking
  68. camp at Joffre Lakes
  69. visit Galiano Island
  70. visit Salt Spring Island
  71. visit Bowen Island
  72. save $500 in coins
  73. visit Newfoundland
  74. visit Nova Scotia
  75. visit the Yukon
  76. visit Nunavut
  77. do 15 minutes of yoga every morning for a month
  78. sort through my many boxes of papers (most of which contain papers from my thesis), recycling the papers I don’t need and filing the ones I do need Update: I did a huge portion of this during my Christmas 2011 holidays, but there are still a few boxes of paper in the back of my storage closet that I haven’t gotten to.[Accomplished: 3 Feb 2013]
  79. record a cooking show (at least 5 episodes)
  80. publish said cooking show online
  81. participate in five research projects15 [1. I joined the BC Generations Project, 2. I completed the “Experiences of Exercise” study (three-part survey; Nov 18, 2012; Jan 10, 2013), 3. Participated in the Equity Lens in Public Health project (12 Sept 2013); 4. Mindfulness & Authentic Leadership study (13 Sept 13); 5. participant in a project that is researching researchers with a particular type of research grant (2011-13), 6. Nike Gender & Running study (Nov 10, 2013 to Feb 2, 2014); 7. Flu Vaccine Safety Study (Nov 2013)][Accomplished 2013]
  82. up my blog readership to an average of 200 readers a day
  83. see Groove Coverage in concert
  84. go zip cording
  85. make homemade marshmallows
  86. scan all the photos from my pre-digital camera days
  87. do another 365 day photo challenge
  88. watch salmon spawning
  89. go to Fright Nights at the PNE
  90. do the Stanley Park Christmas lights train ride
  91. run in a zombie obstacle course race [Accomplished 4 August 2012. Thank goodness I didn’t say that I had to run it and make it out alive!]
  92. make Dark & Stormy cupcakes[Accomplished on January 11, 2012]
  93. read “Lord of the Flies”
  94. make homemade egg nog
  95. take photos of each of my important pieces of jewelry and write a blog posting about their backstories
  96. mail a birthday card to each member of my immediate family16 and my closest friends in time for their birthdays17 during a one-year time span
  97. memorize 10 people’s phone numbers
  98. drive the entire length of the King George Boulevard of Broken Dreams with Kalev[Accomplished: 7 October 2013]
  99. make Baked Alaska[Accomplished 13 July 2013]
  100. print eight photos and put them in the photo frame that I bought ages ago that has been handing on my wall with the stock photos in it, because that really looks quite ridiculous the way it is[Accomplished September 2013]
  101. publish 501 blog postings in this 1001 day period18.

Wish me luck!


  1. And I really wish I had kept a list of those things instead of just deleting them, because I totally cannot remember what they were! []
  2. My plan is to set the budget for the party at the equivalent of one month’s student loan payments. Currently I’m paying $1800 per month. I think that would make for a very lavish party! []
  3. Like Hawaii or Iceland or something. []
  4. This will require a serious correction in the Vancouver real estate market, but a girl can dream, right? []
  5. Which I read in elementary school, remembered while writing this posting, and cannot remember very much else about it. []
  6. Another one I read in elementary school and want to re-read because I don’t remember anything from it! []
  7. I’m looking at you, The Inspiration, for inspiration on this one []
  8. Not like a Santa suit. But an awesome skirt and blazer type suit. I had one years ago and I totally miss having it. []
  9. Pantsuits are le awesome. []
  10. Aim high, I always say! []
  11. Remember when I said that I always say “Aim high!”? Yeah, well – that again. []
  12. This was from my previous 101 list, but which I failed to achieve that time, though I made several valiant efforts. []
  13. And the US doesn’t count as “international.” []
  14. I may need some help with this one, Sarah! []
  15. I did this one last time and I think that it’s worth doing another 5! []
  16. i.e., parents, sister, bro-in-common-law, niece, nephew []
  17. i.e., a minimum of one week before their actual birthday []
  18. I considered aiming for 1001 again, but I realized that if I get into the MBA program, I really will not have time for daily blogging. Blogging every other day, on average, seems like a good stretch goal. []

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  • Awesome list!

    I’d like to register my interest in potentially tagging along for #s 2, 7, 40, 53, 54, 65, 67, 73, 74, 75, 76, 89, 90, and 91. But maybe especially #76, because I haven’t met anyone else who’s interested in going!


  • The next time we are together and there is somewhere we can cook, I will teach you how to make my Nonna’s Eggplant Parmesan. It’s super easy, as long as you prep the eggplant.

    As always, I would love to tag along on any of your adventures. Whee!


  • I am offering to assist you in any way when it comes to travel, adventure, shenanigans, travel with adventure, adventure based shenanigans, shenanigans whilst travelling, or travel based adventurous shenaniganning.

    Also, you, me, Rick, and number 44 are so happening.

    That is all.


  • @Cath – I’m totally going to take you up on at least some of those offers. And I’m glad to hear you want to go to Nunavik – thought I might have to do that one on my own!

    @Sarah – I’m totally taking you up on that offer! Your Nonna’s eggplant parm is the best thing ever!

    @Dan – And I’m totally taking you up on your offer as well. Because we all know that travel-based adventurous shananiganning is the best kind of naniganning. Also, my aunt and uncle did the CN Tower Edgewalk recently and my immediate thought when I heard about it was “Why haven’t Dan, Rick and I done that??? WHY??”


  • Okay, I am SO EXCITED for (2) and now I don’t even have to fly in for it!

    You need to modify (22) to exclude You-Know-Who. Who has a lot in common with Voldemort, I’m sure, although apparently given (17) perhaps you have more in common with him than you think.

    With (25) as written, you could just alternate between two things only. I say AIM HIGHER!

    So apparently “go to New York” is included in (27) and (28)

    I still haven’t been up the CN Tower, which I invariably call the Space Needle (44)

    Chicago? Why? I mean the architecture is nice but New York is where it’s at. 😀

    I will join you for (83)!

    And (92).

    And (89) if you go next year.

    And (84).

    Oh my gosh, I made the list!!! (98)


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