The Last Two Frog Names

As you know, we’d given names to 3 of our 5 frogs, but were hoping that the remaining 2 frogs would do something distinctive so that we could come up with names for them too. Well, we’ve given these guys a few more days and they have failed to do anything that allows us to distinguish them – except for the fact that one of them seems to like to hide in the fake plant *a lot*, but we didn’t think that Scaredy Cat was a good name for a frog. So we’ve decided to just call them Starsky and Hutch. Not sure which one is Starsky and which one is Hutch, but hopefully they won’t be too offended if we just call the two of them at the same time.

I think Copernicus, Rocky, Torpedo, Starsky, & Hutch are quite enjoying living with us. We had people over on Saturday and they were very entertained by the frog antics.

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