Fill It!

At the dentistWent to the dentist for a wee filling in one of my molars. I haven’t had very many filling in my life, but the few times I have, I tend to get all the way to the dentist’s office and into the chair before it really registers that they are going to give me a needle. And you know what I don’t like? If you guessed “needles”, you win1

The needle gave me a wee bit of a panic, but I survived and the putting in the filling part was pretty simple and over quite quickly. And then, despite having benefits that “cover” fillings, I had to pay $50. Because apparently insurance companies only cover the cost of amalgam fillings, which no one has done since about 19982. So I had to pay the difference between what an amalgam filling would have cost if anyone actually still did them in this century and the cost of regular filling3. You suck dental insurance company. You suck long time.

  1. I would have also accepted the answer “spiders”. I hate those guys. []
  2. Seriously, I asked my dentist when the last time she put in an amalgam filling and she said 1998. Another dentist told me that they don’t even teach dental students how to do amalgam fillings at dental school anymore – and that was about 10 years ago! []
  3. OK, I know that I should really shut up because lots of people don’t have any dental coverage at all. #FirstWorldProblems. []

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