Finish It!

Finish/Start About a month ago I decide to make the name of every blog posting I made this month end in the word “it”. Because it seemed like the thing do do. And today, being the last day of September, marks my last “It!” posting!

I didn’t think I’d write that many postings this month, as I had a crazy amount of homework to get done, but, as it turned out, I blogged at least once a day right up until the 23rd, and then I really had to hunker down to get my many assignments and much studying done. But still, I managed 28 blog postings this month, including this one. Apparently having a title theme inspired me!

Now, October is going to be a super duper insanely crazy month, as the core part of my program is wrapping up, which means I have assignments to get done, 2 economics exams to prepare for, and then a take-home core final1 – not to mention eleventy billion things to get done at work, so I’m really not expecting to do that many blog postings… which, of course, sounds familiar. I guess we shall see how it goes!

Image credit: Posted on Flickr by I Like with a Creative Commons license.

  1. I.e., an integrated exam on all the subjects we’ve been learning over the past 9 months. []

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