Why, Oh Why, Do I Still Have the Zombie Plague Virus?

Or, you know, a cold. The question remains: Why does my body insist on maintaining this hacking cough, this running nose, these achy sinuses, and, did I mention?, this hacking cough?

I don’t generally get sick that often, but when I do, boy, do I1. Or maybe I just get whiny about it2. Of course, it’s probably the fact that I don’t slow down tends to make these things drag on. In my defence, on Friday, I actually make the conscious decision to *not* go out after work for a run or a ride on the exercise bike or a yoga class, as I had intended to do as part of the November Challenge. Because I actually stopped and thought about it for a minute and remembered that the November Challenge is about being *healthy* and the healthiest choice to make when I’m that sick is to actually let myself rest. The November Challenge is also meant to be a *challenge* and slowing down and resting is challenging for an overachiever such as myself. I’m not going to say I don’t feel a twinge of guilt over it, but I do think it was the right decision.

So, I’ve rested and I’ve also gotten a proper night’s sleep two nights in a row since then, and I will do so again tonight3. So can I be done with this damned cold now please?

  1. That sentence totally makes sense. I think. I’d blame the cold meds, but I haven’t taken any. I rarely take meds, because I am my father’s daughter. []
  2. From the outside, it amounts to the same thing, I think. []
  3. As it’s a holiday tomorrow in lieu of Remembrance Day today, so I’ll be taking advantage of not having to get up at 6:30 am like I do on workdays. []

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