Having a Normal Life

I’m on a bit of break from school right now. I had an exam last weekend and next weekend I am taking two back-to-back modules, but this week and this weekend, I’ve been able to think very little about school work1. And I have to say it’s been quite nice. It’s pretty awesome to come home from work and go to yoga practice or head out to a baseball game with a friend or meet a friend for dinner – and just have a normal life.

Of course, this is not to say that I don’t like school – I actually love it. I’ve learned a tonne and met some awesome people. I know a lot of things that I didn’t used to know and you know how much I like knowing things. It’s definitely been worth all the effort and the blood, sweat, and tears. But I am very tired. So I’m glad that I’m having a wee break right now and then after my two modules next weekend, I get to go on my fabulous European vacation! I think that will be just the thing I need to prepare me for the home stretch of school!

  1. I have some pre-reading for next weekend’s courses which I’ll have a look at this weekend, but I haven’t yet started that. []

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