Is This A Thing That People Do?

This is a sign in the elevator in my building:

Sign in the elevator in my building

Run the dryer for 20 minutes after the laundry has finished drying to evaporate the water in the vent? Seriously? I’ve never heard of this before and it seems awfully environmentally unfriendly to do that. But then, I’m not much of a person for chores, so perhaps this is a thing that all people know you are supposed to do and you are all going to be “OMG, Beth, you haven’t been running the dryer for 20 extra minutes after every load of laundry? What is wrong with you??”

So tell me, Internets, am I crazy or are they?

8 Replies to “Is This A Thing That People Do?”

  1. Also in terrible housekeeping shaming: if you aren’t boiling your pillows every 2 weeks, you’re basically living in bacteria and snot. EVERY. TWO. WEEKS.

  2. I’ve never heard of running your dryer for an extra time period and my HVAC hubby says that if your clothes are dry it’s pretty much a given that your vent pipes will be dry as well.
    And that last sentence has me a bit worried. Is there an alternate way to enter/exit your suite than actually opening your door to the hallway. And just what could these “other problems in the building” be?

  3. Yeah, I thought the comment about not opening our doors was funny too! I mean, I suppose I could scale the building and enter through my balcony door, but that seems like a lot of work!

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