Oh Yeah, I’m Running a Half Marathon on Sunday

You know your life is in a strange place when the 21.1 km race you are planning to run is the least stressful thing you’ve got going on.

I’ve managed to have what is probably my worst training ever for a half – I started late, because I was in Europe for almost all of August, then I ran far less frequently than I should have, because school and work were insanely busy. And then, to top things off, given that I had class on the weekend I was supposed to do my longest training run (20 km)1, I had to do that a week early so I’ve had two tapering weeks instead of one. But then I messed up the “tapering” nature of this past week by joining that running study, so I actually ran a fairly fast (for me) 5 km on Sunday (followed by a hockey game) and then did a fartlek run on Monday2 and two other easy, short runs this week. So basically, my legs have no idea if they are coming or going at this point. And so my goal, as it has been for all the half marathons I’ve run during my MBA program, is just to finish. And I’m OK with that!

  1. And it’s at the part of the year when the days are the shortest, so being in class from 8 am to 5 pm means that I was in class for all of the day light hours and thus couldn’t even do my long run after school! []
  2. It was supposed to be on Tuesday, but I had to do it on Monday because my Monday class was bumped to Tuesday due to the holiday on Monday. Totally clear, right? []

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