I Have A Shiny New Job!

Hey, remember that time I got an MBA? Or that time I got my Credentialed Evaluator designation? Apparently those things were both worth the effort – I’m happy to announce to the world that I now have a shiny new job!

As a general rule, I don’t talk about my work here on ye ole’ blog1, but I can tell you that my shiny new job is still in the realm of evaluation, but it’s at a higher level and with a different health organization. Starting in just over a week, I’ll be Skytraining into Vancouver to one of my two offices there to do Very Important Evaluation Work on a Very Important Health System Project. I’m really excited by the project and the people with whom I’ll be working.

Of course, this new beginning also marks an ending and I truly will miss the wonderful people I’ve had the pleasure and privilege of working with over the past five years in my current organization. The healthcare world is small in the Lower Mainland, though, so I expect I will cross paths with a number of them in the years to come.

Also, given that I’m going to be working back in Vancouver, I can’t resist breaking out this poster again:

Escape From Surrey

Happy weekend, y’all!

  1. If we are linked in on LinkedIn or if we know each other IRL, you’ll hear about it soon, if you haven’t already. []

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