Goals for 2020

2020 is such a good number, isn’t it? It’s got the repeated 20, so it’s just fun to say. There’s 20/20 vision and the TV show 20/20 and in Roman numerals it is MMXX. And it’s a leap year, so we get to enjoy an extra day of it. Twenty-twenty!

OK, so since it’s 2020, I’m going to set 20 goals! I’ll write them as if they are already completed, which allegedly will inspire me to complete them (and seems to have done a decent job since I started writing my goals this way two years ago).

Carry-overs from Last Year

  1. I’ve KonMari’ed all the bathroom stuff (including toiletries, make-up, and towels).
  2. I’ve KonMari’ed all the kitchen stuff
  3. I’ve painted the inside of both the front hall closet and the office closet.
  4. I’ve compiled a list of all my accounts and other relevant information for my executrix

Similar To Ones I Completed Last Year But Want to Do Again (And, In a Few Cases, Take Them Up A Notch)

  1. I’ve squatted 100 kg (220 lbs).
  2. I’ve made 20 new foods and/or beverages that I’ve never made before – and blogged about each of them.
  3. I’ve read 20 books – and blogged about each of them.
  4. I’ve written in my journal at least one time per week, on average.
  5. I’ve had people over for dinner 10 times.
  6. I’ve slept an average of 8 hours per night.

Similar to Goals From Other Years

  1. I’ve learned 20 new things and blogged about them.
  2. I’ve canned/jammed 5 new food products that I’ve never made before (in addition to the 20 new food items mentioned above). I hardly did any canning in 2019 and I want to get back into it this summer.
  3. I’ve made 20 things (not counting food products). It could be sewing projects, painting, knitting – just anything creative.
  4. I’ve published 80 blog postings (that’s a bit more than 1.5 per week, but I like that it’s a multiple of 20).

Totally New Things That I’ve Not Had on a Goals List Before

  1. I have fixed my laptop situation (either by doing a factory reset or, if that doesn’t make it run well enough, by buying a new laptop).
  2. I have completed the 3 online courses that I am currently developing.
  3. I have bought and installed new blinds in my condo.
  4. I have baked 20 times this year. I barely did any baking this year and I really enjoy baking. Bonus points if I bake some sourdough bread!
  5. I have made a list of 100 things that I’m grateful for. (This is from my 101 things to do in 1001 days list – on which I haven’t completed very many items and the 1001 days ends in 2020!)
  6. I have done an average of 20 mins of mindfulness meditation per week.

Image Credit: Jamie Street on Unsplash

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