NaBloPoMo – Day 3 – A Wee Bit Late

So 3 days into November I already messed up and missed posting yesterday. I intended to post after I finished teaching last night, but then I wanted to see what happened with the election and then it became apparent that there wasn’t going to be a conclusion to the presidential election last night because they need to finish counting votes. And then Trump threatened that he’s going to try to do the thing he’s been setting up to do for weeks … wait, for years… he’s going to try to steal the election by stopping the counting of legitimate votes that he’s pretending aren’t legitimate and he wants the Supreme Court that he personally stacked with cronies (that just so happened to work for Team Bush the last time that legitimate votes were stolen this way) to hand him the presidency regardless of who actually wins the election. I’m also frustrated that there’s enough people voting for Trump, after all that he’s done in the past four years, that it’s even close enough to steal.

Anyway I find myself writing yesterday’s blog posting today on my lunch, still having nothing to say. Like yesterday, it’s just waiting and waiting and probably will be for days or weeks. Ugh.

I’m going back to blogging about the usual nonsense that you’ve come to expect her on NTBTWK.

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  • At least you don’t live here! This is just so horrible. And it’ll be weeks before we actually know who’s going to be the next Pres. because it’s going to go to the court system.


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