NaBloPoMo – Day 17 – The Quay

A few days ago I blogged about Pier Park. Since I can’t go there right now, when I go out for a walk, it’s typically along the New Westminster Quay. Today I went out for a walk after work but before the night class that I teach on Tuesdays. And I ended up out there at the perfect time – though it’s been a rainy week (and the sun is set by like 4 pm these days), the sun was actually shining through the clouds at the time I was out. It was so bright that I was cursing myself for not having brought my sunglasses! And was thinking about how grateful I am to have this beautiful little place just steps from my building to go for a walk. There’s typically lots of pigeons there, and sometimes lots of seagulls too. And there’s always people out walking their dogs (or on rare occasions, their cats) or pushing their babies in strollers or watching their kids ride their bikes around – it’s always so full of life. Right now we are under extra COVID restrictions where those of us in the Lower Mainland aren’t allowed to socially gather with anyone outside our households, so you typically people walking alone or in pairs or families, but it’s still nice to see people “in their human forms” (as my sister’s friend likes to say) rather than just on a screen. I miss people.

Here’s a picture from the quay from a few weeks ago. I was so caught up in enjoying the sun and the running water of the Fraser River today that I forgot to take a photo!

Autumn on the quay

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