Crick Snow (2011 -2021)


SNOW, Crick – Peacefully in the arms of her human on Friday, March 5, 2021 at the age of 9. Survived by her humans, her brother Watson, and predeceased by many frogs. Crick was a loving and spunky little cat. She loved to snuggle and knead, and was particular fond of climbing up on top of people when they were going to bed as if she were a mountain goat and they were a mountain. Her nightly routine included hunting her green fuzzy toy and then walking around the condo meowing with it in her mouth to announce to all that she had successfully caught her prey. Crick loved food and treats and was often known to steal her brother’s food if he left it unattended. She enjoyed watching pigeons when they were on the balcony. She would pick a favourite spot for napping and would take all her naps there for weeks, then abruptly pick a new favourite spot. Even in her last weeks when she’d lost her sight, she was such a trooper, quickly adapting to be able to find her way to all her important places, and was happy to spend much of her time snuggling with her humans. Crick will be deeply missed by all who knew her.

Crick on my keyboard
Crick jumping from my printer to the top of the freezer
Crick on top of the freezer
Me and Crick
Crick on the way to the vet for her post-op recheck
Crick on Scott's office chair
Me and Crick in the office
Crick on the side of the tub7
Upside down Crick on the cat tree
Crick doing yoga
Watson & Crick on a pizza box
Crick sleeping on her favourite toy
Crick on my lap as I watch hockey
Crick on her favourite chair
Cats in the cupboard
Crickon the cat tree
Crick on office chair
Hanging spices from magnets
Crick on the old office chair
Crick on the bed
Crick drinking water
Crick in a Rubbermaid Bin
Watson & Crick on the couch
Crick by the Christmas Tree
Watson & Crick on the bed
Beth & Crick

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  • Really going to miss her.?? A lot of these photos were new for me, thanks so much for sharing them. Sending giant hugs to all three of you.


    • Yeah, I have a *lot* of photos of the kitties. How could I not? They are so adorable and Crick was always up to something! She was a spunky girl indeed. Glad you liked seeing these ones. And thanks for the hugs – we appreciate the love!


  • What a lovely tribute to Crick…it is so hard to say Good bye…she will always be in your heart.


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