Champagne Deathiversary

You know how your champagne birthday is the year where the day of the month of your birthday matches your age? For example, my birthday is Jan 11, so on my 11th birthday it was my champagne birthday.1

Is there such a thing as a champagne deathiversary? According to Google, there is not:

Champagne Deathiversary

So I am hereby coining the term “champagne deathiversary” in the honour of my dad. He’s been gone 11 years now, and today is February 11. Admittedly, a champagne deathiversary is pretty crappy compared to a champagne birthday, but the coining of a term like champagne deathiversary is exactly the kind of thing that I would have had a conversation with my dad about, and which I’m sure he would have been amused by. Wish he was here to talk about it with me.

Miss you always, Daddy.

  1. My nibling Thomas is very excited that their birthday is May 19, because it means their champagne birthday will be the year they turn 19, which will be the first day that it is legal for them to drink champagne, as the legal drinking age in Ontario is 19. []

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