February is a garbage month

I have a new hypothesis and that is that February is a garbage month. I’m accumulating evidence to support this hypothesis and let me tell you that February is really delivering.

My dad died in February 2012 and ever since then, the start of February makes me feel a little down until we get past the anniversary date of his death. But after I hurt my back and then sliced off the end of my finger last month, I started to think of all the garbage things that have happened in Februaries. Last year my mom had her health issue that required urgent surgery in February. February 2021 is when Crick went blind (though in fairness it wasn’t until 5 days after February ended that she died). In February 2020 the project I’d been working on for 6 years was abruptly axed, which included my 10 staff members losing their jobs, and then I went to NYC and got really sick with what now we know was almost certainly COVID-19.

So recent years have been full of garbage in February, but this year it seemed to really pile on. In addition to my two injuries, I got a message from an old friend out of the blue that an acquaintance of mine died. I hadn’t seen him for several years, but we were connected on social media and so I had a general idea of what he was up to. He was a genuinely nice guy with a really nice wife, and he was far too young to die and she is far too young to be widowed. I also heard about another death on Facebook – again, not someone close to me, but still just adding to the general sadness.

Then, on the last day of the month, another person I know was hospitalized and found out they have stomach cancer and another person that I know’s house, and all their worldly possessions, burned down.

Suffice it say, I”m glad that February is over.

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