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Shoe Ban Loophole #2

As you know, I have banned myself from buying shoes in 2010. And, as you also know, I have acquired only two pair of shoes during this time: one pair of running shoes (which were considered, right from the time I installed the ban, an exception because having properly functioning running shoes when training for a half marathon is an important health and safety issue – thus, they are, for the purposes of the shoe ban, safety gear, not shoes) and one pair that was given to me by a coworker (and thus made it through the first shoe ban loophole – I didn’t actually *buy* those shoes and the shoe ban was specifically worded around me *buying* the shoes).

Well, today I was faced with a conundrum. I went out to the Sally Ann Thrift store in search of some needed items for the making of my Hallowe’en costume.  And, the costume that I’m making requires platform shoes and the platform shoes that I currently possess in my shoe collection do not meet the technical specifications of my costume (I’d love to explain more, but I cannot give away the secret as to what my Hallowe’en costume will be. I will come back after Hallowe’en and update this posting to explain why my current platform heels are insufficient for said costume). So, I purchased this pair using the loophole that these are not shoes, they are components of my Hallowe’en costume. They are a pair of components for my Hallowe’en costume.  That is my story and I am sticking to it!

Day 124


Loophole In The Shoe Ban

I acquired a new pair of shoes today.  However, it wasn’t my fault AND I didn’t pay for them, so I am not contravention of 2010 new shoe ban, as the exact words of the ban were: “I’ve decided that I won’t buy any news shoes this year, except possibly running shoes if needed.” Hooray for loopholes!

Free Shoes!The give you the full story, one of my co-workers had a pair of shoes in her office that had been there for eons, but which she never wears.  She looked at my feet and said, “What size are you?” and when I said I was size 6, she said, “They’ll fit you!  You take them!”  I protested, but she insisted and who am I to argue with someone who is generously offering me something??  Also, in my defence (not that I’m totally rationalizing this or anything), I don’t actually have a pair of plain black flats1, so this is really like the only type of shoe that was missing from my vast, vast collection.

Also on the topic of my cheapness and rampant consumerism, I bought an adorable little top at a consignment store yesterday. I was meeting my friends Bryn & Patrice from my old work for dinner, but I was there a bit early2, so popped into a consignment store, which had tonnes of cute stuff, almost none of which fit me.  Except this top.  And it was only $10, and who am I to turn down an adorable $10 top?

Day 37

This is the first and only piece of animal print clothing I own.  I figure I’m far enough past my cougar phase that I can now pull this off.

  1. at least not since I left the pair I did have at Danielle’s place in Victoria []
  2. I always leave extra time in case there’s traffic when driving into Vancouver, but traffic was fine! []