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Happy 5th Blogiversary to Me!

Calendar Number 5

Once upon a time, a bright eyed young graduate student, in search of a better way to procrastinate, decided to start a blog. She called it “Thesis Writing is Hell” and her early blog postings were all about her thesis and thus, really never meant for anyone to read.  Pretty soon, however, she ventured out and blogged such insightful things as “Happy Birthday, Sarah,” and “I play hockey,” and “I went somewhere” and before she knew it, she was a full on personal blogger.  And that “once upon at time” was exactly five years ago today1.

It’s hard to believe that I’ve spent the last five years typing my inane thoughts, and occasional political rants2, into a little box on my computer screen, then unleashing said thoughts out onto the Internets, and even more hard to believe that you people out there read them.  And keep coming back back for more!

Being that I’m indecisive and have the attention span of a carrot, this blog has seen four different URLs3, which don’t exactly correspond directly to the four names4 I’ve used for it, as well as three different apartments5, the finishing of the fabled thesis after which the blog was originally titled, and two different full-time jobs6,7.  I’ve chronicled six trips up the Grouse Grinds8 and nine races9 in these past five years, not to mention10 22 trips11!

It’s been a fun five years12 of making new friends, bringing you photos of hockey hotties, and ranting about David Emerson. Here’s to the next five and whatever adventures they may bring!

Image Credit: Posted by Leo Reynolds on Flickr.

  1. As Kris pointed out to me back when her blog turned five in March, if our blogs were babies, they’d be in kindergarten by now! []
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  7. FWIW, *I* had the apartment and the jobs, not the blog []
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Happy Birthday, Ms. Madeline!

Today is my niece’s 5th birthday!  How did you get to be five years old already, kiddo?  I remember my sister calling to tell me she was having a baby like it were yesterday!  I remember going to visit you for the first time when you were only two weeks old – such a teensy tiny little thing – like it were an hour ago!  I fell in love with you the moment I first saw you – all bundled up against the cold Toronto winter, you and your mom came to the airport to pick me up.  Just a perfect little angel!

I asked your mom what you wanted for your birthday this year and she told me a typical Madeline story.  She’d asked you “What do you want for your birthday?” and you’d answered, “I don’t need anything.  Well, I’m almost out of paint.” 1  But I’m an aunt and aunts can’t get their nieces *nothing* for their birthday, so I hope you like what I sent you! 2

It’s hard for me to be so far away all the time, knowing I’m missing out on so much of your life, but I cherish all the times I do get to see you and I think of you every single day!

Happy 5th birthday, Kiddo!

Love, Aunt Beth

  1. Seriously people, what kind of kid doesn’t go crazy wanting presents??  A perfect angel, that’s who!  I mean, I’m 32.92386712 years old and *I* act way more like a five year old for presents that my niece does! []
  2. For the curious, I settled on sending some money for her to use to adopt an animal of her choosing at Toronto Zoo.  She loves the zoo! []