Happy Birthday, Ms. Madeline!

Today is my niece’s 5th birthday!  How did you get to be five years old already, kiddo?  I remember my sister calling to tell me she was having a baby like it were yesterday!  I remember going to visit you for the first time when you were only two weeks old – such a teensy tiny little thing – like it were an hour ago!  I fell in love with you the moment I first saw you – all bundled up against the cold Toronto winter, you and your mom came to the airport to pick me up.  Just a perfect little angel!

I asked your mom what you wanted for your birthday this year and she told me a typical Madeline story.  She’d asked you “What do you want for your birthday?” and you’d answered, “I don’t need anything.  Well, I’m almost out of paint.” 1  But I’m an aunt and aunts can’t get their nieces *nothing* for their birthday, so I hope you like what I sent you! 2

It’s hard for me to be so far away all the time, knowing I’m missing out on so much of your life, but I cherish all the times I do get to see you and I think of you every single day!

Happy 5th birthday, Kiddo!

Love, Aunt Beth

  1. Seriously people, what kind of kid doesn’t go crazy wanting presents??  A perfect angel, that’s who!  I mean, I’m 32.92386712 years old and *I* act way more like a five year old for presents that my niece does! []
  2. For the curious, I settled on sending some money for her to use to adopt an animal of her choosing at Toronto Zoo.  She loves the zoo! []

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