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As a 5 ft tall woman, I’ve grown accustomed to wearing heels so that I can walk amongst the normal height people and only look very, very short, as opposed to the very, very, very, very short that I actually am. As a shoeaholic (a trait I inherited from my mother), I have an extensive selection of heels. But I haven’t worn a pair of heels since June!

When I sprained my ankle, I figured it was pretty sensible to wear flats. Fortunately it was summer and I have a few pairs of sandals that are nice enough to wear to work. And since I’d read that when you sprain your ankle, you are at an increased risk of re-spraining it for 3-6 months afterwards, I figured as a precaution I should stick to flats for awhile even after my ankle felt better.

And then my hip problem happened. So I’ve continued to not wear heels, given the limping and the cane and, though I am now on the mend, I’m not 100% and so I don’t want to re-aggregate it. But here’s the thing: it’s no longer summer, so I can’t wear my sandals. I really only have one pair of work-appropriate flats and then are burgundy, so they don’t go with everything (I have one pair of black shoes that have a platform with a slight heel that I do wear sometimes because it feels more stable than a regular heel). Three of my four pairs of work-appropriate boots (plus my one pair of ankle boots) are heeled. And last night I slipped on my way home from dinner and when I got home and took off my one pair of work-appropriate flat boots, I noticed this.

I don't think these are going to be waterproof anymore

Somehow I don’t think these will be waterproof anymore

I think it’s time to go shoe shopping.


Fashion’s Night Out

Raul brought this to my attention and asked if I could share it with you, my lovely readers:

Guests of Fashion’s Night OUT! will be treated to a one-off fashion show put on by The Hudson Bay Company’s celebrated and critically successful White Space in Yaletown’s V Lounge on March 8, 2011 along with a cocktail reception, stunning silent auction, live DJ, and exclusive gift bags. The event will include a fashion show and a short video presentation. 100% of the proceeds going to Out in Schools.

Date: Tuesday, March 8, 2011
Time: 19:00-22:00 (7:00-10:00 pm)
Venue: V Lounge at Earl’s Yaletown
Pricing: $20

100% of the proceeds will be going to Out in Schools to combat ignorance and bullying.

For more information please contact Social Chair Public Relations at

There will be a fashion show, a glass of wine for the first 100-150 people or so, some canapés, drink specials (martinis for $5.00) and more importantly, the ticket cost ($20) all goes to Out in Schools, an organization that , through “bringing queer films to local high schools to facilitate discussion with youth on bullying, homophobia and stereotypes,[…] give[s] youth a safe space to explore these issues. [They] aim to increase understanding through education to combat the issues threatening the safety of our classrooms for all students.”

I can’t go due to a prior engagement, but if you can, I think it will be a good time and it is raising money for an excellent cause. You can get tickets at Event Brite.


What to Wear to the Madonna Concert?

So, I’m going to the Madonna concert on Oct 30 with some friends.  And we’ve been trying to decide what one wears to such an event.  And don’t think that both 80s fashion (think leg warmers + side ponytails) and cone bras havne’t been suggested.  But what do you think?  What should we wear?  Pictures, of course, will be forthcoming.